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TurningPoint 2008 32 handset RF kit
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TurningPoint 2008 32 handset RF kit

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Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:1
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This radio-based option is perfect for small and large groups alike. Its operating range of 60 metres makes it ideal for all kinds of rooms, so if you think you'll sometimes be working in the assembly hall, for example during a PTA meeting, then RF is the option for you. The best thing about the RF card is that you can combine sets if you buy more in the future. This scalability means that there really is no limit to the number of handsets you can have - one RF receiver works with up to 1,000 handsets, and up to 83 receivers can be combined to deal with audiences sizes up to 83,000 people! RF handsets also have the added benefit of no line of sight issues as they can’t be blocked by minor obstructions in the room

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