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Classroom Audio
ActivSound, sound for the activ board ActivSound features a family of easy-to-use tool that interface with a mixer-amplifier to deliver even sound distribution. The system is versatile enough to fit any space, resultin in an enriched learning experience for everyone.
  • ActivSound makes audible speech intelligible and voice fatigue is reduced.

The pendant microphone is hands free and easy to wear.
The handheld microphone engages students and improves behavior and communication. The use of the handheld microphone helps students practice presenting their ideas in front of a group.

  • Digital recordings are easy with flexible connectivity options.
  • ActivSound brings your lessons to life with rich multimedia sound from your computer, DVD player, CD player or MP3 device.
  • You are in control. The patented remote volume controls on the teacher's microphone allows you to control the sound as well as multimedia volume levels without interrupting your lesson.

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