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UnoCart™ for laptops or netbooks


The UnoCartTM is a cost effective mobile cabinet providing secure storage and safe charging for up to 16 laptops or 30 netbooks!
Engineered and manufactured in the UK by market leaders LapSafe® Products, the mobile UnoCartTM allows schools to share valuable ICT resources between classrooms, whilst providing safe student access to fully charged mobile computing.

Key Features
• Available for laptops or netbooks
• Safe power management
• Simultaneous charging
• Effective AC adaptor cable management
• Secure storage and safe charging
• Suitable for all models of laptop & netbook
• Twin thermostatically controlled fans
• Large braking wheels for greater mobility
• 270° fold back fully opening doors
• Optional docking station
• Choose from five colours
• Mobile solution to share ICT resource
• Manufactured in the UK
• Powered by LapSafe® Products

Four upgrade options available

* Data Transfer - Allowing the simultaneous transfer of data to all devices
* Flush Mounted RAP - Turns the UnoCartTM into a wirless network point
* Top Mount Power - Double sockets providing easy access to power
* Docking Station - Locks the UnoCartTM to a fixed position further enhancing security

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