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The Diplomat™
The Diplomat™ The DiplomatTM from LapSafe® Products is a multi bay locker system designed to store and charge laptops and other similar devices. Individual user bays are the optimum size to store most makes and models of laptop, netbook or PC Tablet and offer a safe charging environment for access by users of all ages.

Available from 15 to unlimited bays, The DiplomatTM locker system can be tailored to suit the users needs. With a steel chassis and doors, the DiplomatTM is an exteremly secure centralised location to intrust with valued ICT equipment, providing effective crime prevention as well as ICT management.

The DiplomatTM features either standard key locking or fully integrated RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) keyless security system. The RFID systems deliver an extremely functional access management and control alternative to keys. Our RFID is compatible with the popular MIFARE system.

With full CE Certification, power to the DiplomatTM is entirely safe for student use and is fully temperature controlled to ensure all devices are kept cool during the charging process.


* Safe charging and secure storage
* Suitable for Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs or any device charged with AC adaptor
* Available from 15 to unlimited number of lockers
* RFID keyless locking system (optional)
* MIFARE compatible RFID system
* Network compatible for Data Transfer (optional)
* Thermostatically controlled temperature management system
* LED charge status indicator
* Steel chassis and doors
* Meets all required British Safety Standards and is Fully CE Certified

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