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BECTA recommends schools a shift to short throw projectors.
BECTA recommends schools shift to shorth throw projectors.

Will this become mandatory we ask??

"The new ultra short throw technologies provide schools with an alternative to existing traditional data projector installations and present improvements in safety for end users when utilising this type of projection technology within an interactive whiteboard solution. Also as this technology presents a potential elimination of the risk to injury through exposure to the beam then existing brightness (lumen) constraints that are suggested for traditional data projector installations can be relaxed, providing a brighter and more defined image. This therefore reduces the impact of ambient lighting and provides more flexibility in respect of where to site the equipment within the classroom. There is also an inherent security and safety benefit that can be derived from the installation itself which does not need to be ceiling or boom mounted."

In light of these developments schools in the process of procuring new interactive whiteboard solutions or refreshing their current interactive whiteboard solutions should actively consider ultra short throw projectors as an option.

If you read the guidelines in more details it states:

"Employers should establish work procedures for teachers/lecturers and pupils/students and give instruction on their adoption so that:

Staring directly into the projector beam is avoided at all times.

Standing facing into the beam is minimised. Users, especially pupils and students, should try to keep their backs to the beam as much as possible.

In this regard, the use of a stick or laser pointer to avoid the need for the user to enter the beam is recommended.

Pupils and students are adequately supervised when they are asked to point out something on the screen.

Employers should also try to ensure that projectors are located out of the sight line from the screen to the audience; this ensures that, when presenters look at the audience, they do not also have to stare at the projector lamp. The best way to achieve this is by ceiling-mounting rather than floor or table-mounting the projector. "



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