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The doors opened on a snowy day for the BETT 2010 on Wednesday 13th January with keen technologists, entrepeneurs all waiting to speak to the influx of teachers, IT technicians and resellers that walked through the doors.

The IntelliSource team visited the BETT show on Thursday, armed with the picklist we sent all our teachers and a map.  After a rainy start, in we went to the hustle and bustle of the show.  There was so much to see including our own pick list of Smart, Promethean, Bretford, Loxit and Medium stalls that it hit the BBC Radar;

Having been at the show for 8 hours on Thursday and about 5 hours on Saturday, our three star products, that we would like to share with you are:

*Casio - Super slim, 20,000 hours lamplife and No Mercury projector


*SMART 685ix solution

*Epson ultra short throw projectors (to be used with an Interactive whiteboard or a plasma overlay)

What are your thoughts on these 3 products...would you like to book a demonstration? And what were your BETT highlights?


February 01, 2010

Love the site!
Glad to see an extensive write up on the BETT show.
I know that they had some amazing products there!

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