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Experience Communications in High Definition

High Definition has changed the face of video communications, enabling an experience as authentic

as if you're physically sitting in the same room. Now organizations can truly realize the promise of video


  • Higher productivity, better engagement
  • Increased interaction
  • Reduced travel - saving time, saving money
  • Less time out of office, more time making decisions
  • Reduced carbon emissions

LifeSize pioneered high definition video communications.  We harnessed the power of HD to deliver the most engaging communications experience - ever.  Delivering award winning, immersive HD in all solutions.

The LifeSize Difference

How are we different? We designed a revolutionary architecture purpose-built for high definition video

communications. Using the most advanced technology, LifeSize delivers the ultimate in quality, flexibility and price performance.

Superior Quality of Experience

Stunning HD video allows you to see every movement, every gesture. The easy to use, intuitive interface invites interaction, encourages use. Dramatically increased

usage means enhanced communication, greater productivity. The result - demonstrable ROI.

Unique Flexibility

Easily deployed on any IP network, LifeSize solutions have been proven to deliver the best bandwidth/

performance in their class. No costly network build out required. No expensive additional equipment to buy.

Unmatched Price Performance

All of this, priced for broad deployment. No hidden costs. With the lowest acquisition cost, and lowest

total cost of ownership, LifeSize makes HD video communications accessible to everyone.

LifeSize HD Video Systems

Every LifeSize video communications system delivers high definition audio and video, and integrated data sharing across any IP network. Standards-based and interoperable, LifeSize systems are easily and seamlessly integrated into existing environments and reliably managed with LifeSize Infrastructure and Management solutions.

Seeing is believing - Being Present at a Distance

You can achieve the telepresence experience today, in any environment. It starts with a superior foundation - all HD - the essential building block to deliver the telepresence experience.  Full HD video so engaging it creates the sensation of being physically in the same room. Lifesize images

and natural eye contact replicate authentic presence.

Telepresence for your environment

No longer does telepresence have to be complicated, restricted to fixed room configurations or require

expensive build out and structural reinforcement.  LifeSize Conference 200 delivers telepresence in Full

HD 1080p30, and 720p60 for ultimate quality and motion handling, and supports True HD 720p30 for an

immersive telepresence experience.

LifeSize offer a number of products to cater for the different types of people and different situations.  There is not a one product suits all policy.  Have a look below to see the offereings from LifeSize, and find your perfect partner.

Introducing LifeSize® PassportTM - the most flexible,affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system - ever.

Standards: H.323, SIP, Skype (audio), H.261, H.263, H.264, H.239 (receive), G.711, G.722, G.728, G.729, MPEG-4-AAC-LC

Resolutions: 720p30 encode and decode at 1Mbps

Features: Built-in ringer,  H.235 (AES) Encryption, H.460 NAT/FW traversal, IPv4, IPv6, Kensington Security Slot TM

Input/Output: Camera input, HD video out, MicPod input, Audio out

LifeSize Passport is the first and only HD video system to deliver telepresence-quality and unmatched simplicity at a price point that enables broad deployment to every knowledge worker in your organization. And with its compact form factor, LifeSize Passport is the first truly portable telepresence-quality system; Passport is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Transforming video communications

With LifeSize Passport you get true HD video quality - 720p30 - for natural, realistic interactions at only 1Mbps over any internet connection. And LifeSize Passport is the first HD video communication system that works with SkypeTM, making connecting with colleagues and customers easier than ever.

Ideal for individual offices, teleworkers, and collaboration rooms, Passport enables you to stay connected, anywhere, anytime. Easy to set-up, easy to connect, and easy to use, with LifeSize Passport, you will be communicating face-to-face in minutes.

In today's fast-moving global economy, the telephone and e-mail are not enough. Frequent face-to-face meetings and meaningful dialog are vital for success, but travel is expensive and time-consuming. LifeSize Passport enables you to maximize productivity and to eliminate wasted travel time. The return on your investment has never been more clear.

Powerful. Easy. Affordable.

LifeSize Passport is clearly how video communications is meant to be.

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