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Hi-Lo 500 Electric Plasma Trolley Lift up to 65 Inch Screen
Hi-Lo 500 Electric Plasma Trolley Lift up to 65 Inch, loxit

Description Electronic height adjustable trolley mounted lift for plasma screens. Provides inclusive access for all users and the sharing of resources between rooms.

Application Especially suited to special needs groups where the height of the plasma screen needs to be adjustable to provide an inclusive experience for all users. Ideal where resources are shared between user groups and rooms. Trolley based plasma lift allows height adjustability in rooms where walls may not be fixed to, i.e. asbestos contaminated walls or where they are too fragile to be fixed to.

Key Features The Hi-Lo plasma trolley lift provides excellent flexibility in screen orientation and height adjustment. The trolley based lift enables the plasma screen to be stored overnight in a secure repository. 500mm electrically driven height adjustment provides inclusive access to plasma screen. Electronic height adjustment - no heavy counterbalances putting unnecessary additional loads on walls. High quality steel construction with reliable electric motor. Simple installation. Easy operation with simple up/down switch. 12 month return to base warranty. RCD with mains plug as standard.

Technical Specification

  • Weight 87 kg
  • Height 1565 mm
  • Width 1140 mm
  • Depth 700 mm

Technical Description

  • Accommodates screens from 55 to 65 inches.
  • Maximum screen weight 80Kg. 500mm lift stroke.
  • High quality steel universal mount brackets provide rock steady mount.
  • Plasma security kit available for use in public areas.
  • Secure docking kits available.
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