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Universal Chrome Tube Wall Boom & Projector Plate
Universal Chrome Tube Wall Boom & Projector Plate

Description The universal projector wall boom kit is a stylish, cost effective and versatile projector wall mount system which can accommodate all types of projector.

Application Used for all short throw projectors up to 1500mm throw.

Key Features Stylish design. Kit includes, wall plate, chrome projector boom 1700mm long, suitable for a maximum throw distance of 1500mm, with high quality ball jointed universal projector mount plate incorporating full articulation.

Simple installation - 6 fixings. Chrome projector boom with crumple zone safety feature - if swung on, the pole will crumple in a controlled manner, leaving the wall in tact. Cables run through the projector boom and behind the wall plate. Powder coated silver finish. Security compatible.



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