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Projector Case - Large & 50mm Pole Adapter
Projector Case - Large & 50mm Pole Adapter

Description High quality steel welded, lockable protective case for projector. Includes universal projector mount arms to mount projector inside the case. Ball jointed adapter provides fine adjustment of the projected image. Adapter enables compatibility with standard 50mm drop poles to fit to exising mount kits. Compatible with Loxit's heavy duty security cable kit.

Application Standard sized universal projector case provides high quality protection against vandalism and objects such as footballs, basketballs etc. The 50mm ball jointed adapter enables the protective case to be fitted to 50mm drop poles.

Key Features High quality, high strength fully welded steel construction. Fully ventilated design. Hinged access to front of projector case locked with 10,000 differ plunger lock. Incorporates shackless padlock housing for maximum security when coupled with heavy duty security kit. Ball jointed adapter enables compatibility with 50mm round drop pole.



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