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HI LO 500 Electric Whiteboard Floor Lift
HI LO 500 Electric Whiteboard Floor Lift

HI LO 500 Electric Whiteboard Floor Lift High quality with a no-recalls reputation, Loxit's Hi-Lo range has been installed in institutions across the UK and the world since its inception in 2004. 

Electrically driven whiteboard wall mounted lift allows inclusive access to the whiteboard for all pupils.


Ideal for rooms which have a fixed point of display for the interactive whiteboard and where the wall is constructed out of lightweight materials which can not take the weight of the unit. 

The floor lift transmits the weight directly to the floor with no load on the wall.

key features

Extremely high quality with precision engineering, the Hi-Lo 500 floor lift provides inclusive access to interactive whiteboard with the height adjustment allowing wheelchair users and small pupils full access to the screen.

Universal fittings accommodate all short throw projectors up to 1500mm throw length.

The Hi-Lo universal whiteboard mounts are able to receive all makes and models of interactive whiteboards:

up to 80 inches across the diagonal with 4:3 ratio aspect
up to 105 inches across the diagonal at 16:9 ratio aspect

Specifically, the Hi-Lo 500 is compatible with all current SMART Board and Promethean whiteboard models including:

SMART Board 685i3
SMART Board 690
SMART Board 680
SMART Board 660
SMART Board 640

Promethean 64 inch whiteboard
Promethean 78 inch whiteboard
Promethean 87 inch whiteboard
Promethean 95 inch whiteboard

Quality steel construction and reliable electrical motor.

Simple to operate.

500mm electrically driven height adjustment.

3 year return to base mechanical warranty.

1 year return to base electrical warranty

£1 399.00


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