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Imagine a new way to bring people and ideas together.

Walk into a meeting room and in seconds your team is brainstorming on a digital display. Write, save and distribute meeting notes. SMART solutions help create an environment where teams can share ideas, communicate with colleagues and save time.


Smart Meeting Pro

SMART Meeting Pro helps you collaborate without worrying about technology. Meeting Pro works with a computer to connect interactive displays and laptops. Local and remote participants can make, move and save notes on any screen with a touch of the display.

A guide to collaboration
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A guide to collaboration
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A guide to collaboration
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A guide to collaboration
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Smart HUB SE

SMART Hub SE works with any SMART Board interactive display and lets you create, share and distribute digital notes without the need for a computer. You can connect to multimedia devices like DVD players, annotate over video and share content with colleagues in remote locations.


packs a powerful collaborative punch into a small appliance. Bring together multiple SMART Board interactive displays to create, share and distribute digital notes without the need for a computer. Connect to multimedia devices and share content with colleagues around the world.


enables computer-free digital whiteboarding, while providing you with the flexibility to add a laptop or plug in a USB key for access to additional files. Simply connect SMART Hub VE to a projector and a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or interactive display to create a large interactive workspace where you can take notes in digital ink, share materials and save work to a USB key or distribute them by e-mail

SmartBoard 600 series

With the simple push of a button, the SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system puts you in control of a powerful multimedia environment. Using a computer or a SMART collaboration platform, you can make notes on the interactive display, write over any application, image or video, and save your notes on a USB key.

Smart Board interactive displays

Add interactive power to your LCD or plasma panel with a SMART Board interactive display. Simply touch the display to control computer applications, write in digital ink and save all your work.

SMART Podium interactive pen display

Control any presentation by connecting the SMART Podium interactive pen display (formerly the Sympodium interactive pen display) to a computer and projector. Write over slides in digital ink, save notes, access the Internet or multimedia files and project your work onto a large screen.

SMART Success stories

Teamwork across distance
A construction crisis erupts. Engineers are scrambling. You need to coordinate with three different teams in three different locations. What do you do?

When you get the phone call from your head engineer, you quickly coordinate a long-distance video and data conference. Within minutes, teams in three different countries are pouring over plans and blueprints, collaborating as if they were all in the same room. After an hour of sharing desktops and discussing solutions, the problem is solved – with no impact to your budget.

Brainstorming made easy
Your marketing group is meeting to discuss the next fiscal year. Ideas are flying around the room. Your director walks in and asks to see the original draft of goals. What do you do?

You glance at your watch. Two more minutes until you lose the room. People are gathering outside. The director stops writing in digital ink. He wants you to copy his notes. You wait for him to put down the pen and walk away from the interactive touch display. Then, you walk up and touch the screen, capturing his notes to a file on the network. You drop by your desk and send out his notes to the whole team, and still have time to pick up a coffee before your next meeting.

Saving time by saving work
The VP has been at the whiteboard for an hour. He’s writing about your department’s new direction. The meeting time is almost up, and he wants you to copy his notes. What do you do?

Equal participants – better decisions
Your product manager walks into the meeting room and sighs. You both know that the operations rep is going to dominate the brainstorming session again. What do you do?

The operations rep talks nonstop and pulls up his chart. Your product manager has a flash of insight. He circles relevant figures on his own screen, knowing that the group will see it at the same time on theirs. Making notes on the chart, your product manager explains how the revised plan can provide a higher rate of return, and then asks the other team members for their opinions. You both leave the meeting room confident that everyone had a chance to contribute and that this input will lead to the highest possible rate of return.

Clarity above all
The land sale falls with a thud on your desk. How much is this drilling opportunity worth? You’ll need to coordinate with your field team before the deadline passes. What do you do?

You coordinate a conference call with the geology and geophysical team on their interactive touch displays. Seconds later, you pull up maps on your large screen and they appear on the team’s workstations simultaneously. From their location in the field, they interpret the maps and circle potential drilling locations in digital ink. The engineer captures the screens and e-mails them to the partner. The deadline is met and the land sale is a success.

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