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In the corporate world we have all seen the Nobu whiteboard, the flip chart and even scraps of paper being used either to present a meeting or to annotate/take notes. Can you imagine walking into a meeting room and being able to annotate your presentation directly on the screen, inviting others to join you and also annotate, highlight and even make notes on the screen? With Interactive Whiteboards this is possible. Furthermore, with a click of a button, the presentation, with its annotations is emailed to delegates before they even get to their desks. Do you want to know more about Interactive Whiteboard Technology and how it can reduce time and costs?

SMART technologies have 7 components that can be used in collaboration to reduce time and costs within a corporate meeting environment: * SMART Meeting pro * SMART Hub SE * SMART Hub PE * SMART Hub VE * 600 Series whiteboard * SMART Board interactive displays * SMART Podium interactive display


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