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N-CAGE PROJECTOR CLAMP STANDARD Loxit's N-Series adjustable projector clamps entrap almost all models of modern overhead projector.

The N-Cage is particularly suited to a custom built close tolerance fit although the standard models are suitable for the vast majority of projectors. 

Must be used in conjuction with Loxit's compatible heavy duty security cable set which are available in a variety of lengths. See product range 8030.


The N-Cage Standard projector clamp is effective in achieving a close tolerance fit to standard sized projectors.

Fully compatible with Loxit's motion sensitive alarm. 

key features

Developed to be fully compatible with Loxit's projector ceiling mount kits, the fully adjustable chassis allows the clamp to closely grip the projector whilst the locking mechanism is shielded by the projector chassis itself.

Fully compatible with Loxit's additional security measures:

Motion sensitive alarm and heavy duty cable sets.

The 120dB alarm attracts attention while the chassis itself protects the alarm. 

Coupled with the physical integrity of the heavy cable and shielded lock attaching the clamp to the building's fabric, maximum protection is achieved.



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