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Laptop Toploader
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  • Mobile Storage & Recharging Trolley

Charge up to 32 x netbooks or 16 x Laptops

Unique top loading design for easy access Supports data transfer

Supports Wifi Excellent cable management

Energy saving ‘Auto-Power-Off'

The top-loading design of this trolley provides you with a uniquely accessible storage and

recharging solution for either 32 x netbooks or 16 x laptops.

The NEW Bretford LAP TopLoader supports Wifi and also incorporates a designated mounting

area for a network switch, plus built-in network cable channels enabling you to update a full set of

netbooks/laptops simultaneously and with ease. The trolley also features a Perspex viewing panel

enabling the power/network connectivity status of all your laptops to be clearly viewed at all times.



  • Robust all steel construction
  • Easy-action, top-opening lid with double lock security and anti-slam action
  • Side access door offers secure access to the power module, wireless router & network switch
  • A clear Perspex viewing panel on the side of the door also enables the power, wireless & network connectivity status to be clearly viewed at all times.
  • Open base offers additional storage for accessories

Internal Specifications:

  • Store and charge up to 32 x netbooks or 16 x laptops
  • Suitable for housing up to 10" netbooks or 17" laptops
  • Dedicated mounting area for wireless router (router not included)
  • Dedicated area for mounting a network switch, enabling you to update a full set of netbooks/laptops simultaneously (network switch not included)
  • Dual fan controlled ventilation

Power & Data Management:

  • Built-in Electronic Power Management system (EPM), regulates the amount of current being drawn from the mains supply, preventing the schools circuits being tripped and so minimising classroom disruption
  • External CAT socket for easy connection to a network point
  • Two netbook charging models are available. The basic model utilises the netbooks' own power lead, while the intelligent charging model manages the power to the netbooks and features built-in connector leads, which reduces the amount of excess cables - to offer excellent cable management.
  • Laptop charging models utilise the laptop's own power pack when charging. Built-in Y-leads dispense with the standard mains lead to reduce excess cable and are housed in a cable channel that runs the length of the storage compartment. This channel can be flipped open to attach the laptops' power packs to the Y-leads and then feed through to the laptop compartment. This again offers excellent cable management.
  • All electronic components are housed in an easily removable module which, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, can be simply swapped out and replaced by the user, reducing downtime
  • Energy saving ‘Auto-Power-Off' feature automatically switches the unit off after a designated period of time, allowing the unit to be left to charge over the weekend or night without wasting energy.
  • Supports either conventional network connectivity, power over data (P.O.D.) or data over power (D.O.P.) technologies

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