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NEW: Genee Vision 7100

genee vision 9100

The NEW Genee Vision 9100 is a powerful new presentation, training and teaching tool from Genee World. It is developed for use across many sectors like education, corporate, medical and leisure.


The NEW Genee Vision 9100 visualiser is suitable for a variety of lessons, training and in structural presentations as well as in providing a high quality and easy to use investigation function.

The benefits offered to the user of this visualiser, range from enhancing teaching techniques, recording lessons, evaluation and the delivery of ideas and explanations by the use of still image, video capture technology, animation and many other aspects of its diverse construction.

The NEW Genee Vision 9100 visualiser is stylish and compact in design as well as being light weight, making it one of the most portable high quality products in the digital technology market.

Key Features:

    • 4 x 4 capture review
    • 330 Vertical head rotation
    • USB 2.0
    • Widescreen ready
    • Automatic adjusting lens for seamless short throw/long throw transition
    • One touch image rotation for easy full page viewing

    Download the product brochure for the New Genee Vision 9100 visualiser



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