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Genee Vision 6100
genee vision 6100

The Genee Vision 6100 is a powerful new Visual presentation, teaching and training tool. It has negative/positive function, split screen, back light, near and far function, auto focus and 330 degree motorized turning head. It is the perfect solution for variety of training and instructional presentation situations, classroom teaching, lessons recording, evaluation and high quality and easy to use investigation functionality.

Ideally used with Interactive Whiteboard, Projectors or even portable banners, the Genee 6100 makes learning, dynamic and interesting. It is the perfect solution for all training and presentation situations, classroom teaching and lesson recordings. It’s powerful zoom allows you to view text documents and 3D objects in the minutest detail, Saving time and money with the image and video capture facilities. It’s light weight and compact design features 2 side arm LED’s which foldaway, while the camera arm fold forward neatly. It also features a positive / negative function, split screen, back light, auto focus and 330 degree turning head.

Key Features

  • 22x optical zoom
  • 10x digital zoom
  • Image capture
  • Video capture
  • Animation tool
  • Split screen
  • Positive/negative
  • Dynamic/static
  • Scroll option
  • Light box
  • Freeze

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