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TurningPoint response system Welcome to TurningPoint®. We're the interactive response system that loves making Microsoft® PowerPoint® engaging, interactive and fun. TurningPoint brings you FREE interactivity to your PowerPoint presentations to make them brilliant, while a range of award winning ResponseCard® handsets allows your audience to share their opinions during your brilliant presentation. It's got some very impressive reporting tools too!

What would you like to do? You can learn about our fantastic products, our reallyamazing software, or just read about why everyone loves using us in our excellentcase studies. TurningPoint ResponseCard Anywhere ResponseCard® Anywhere Turning Technologies most versatile audience response system yet. This LCD screen-equipped handheld receiver is approximately the size of a deck of cards and is the perfect solution for teachers, trainers or meeting moderators who need a highly portable, preparation-free polling solution that doesn’t require a projector or computer. (requires RF handsets

Spec: • Warranty : 1 year return to base • Technology : Radio Fequency • Colour : Blue & White • Software : Yes • Product Display : T • Keypad : Up, Down, Left, Right buttons & Optimized for small, medium and large presentation environments, the ResponseCard Radio Frequency (RF) keypad takes advantage of the latest in audience response technology advancements. The ResponseCard RF keypad provides features and functionality required to ensure that the audience response transmissions of 1000's or in large locations are accurately, timely and effortlessly transmitted to the TurningPoint, interactive PowerPoint presentation.

SPEC: • Warranty : 1 year return to base • Technology : Radio Frequency • HD Ready : No • HDCP Support : No • Software : Yes • Keypad : 12 key (1(A) - 10(J), Go/Login, • Auto Focus : No • Bag : No

TurningPoint 24 Handset IR Kit TurningPoint is a brilliant Assessment for Learning tool that allows every child to be heard, so that his or her individual learning needs can be assessed and addressed, loud and clear. TurningPoint is better than a voting system in that it lightens the load of assessment by providing real-time, ready-to-use reports which can be used on the spot to amend lessons as you go. It enables teachers to practice personalised learning and potentially improves learning outcomes for every individual pupil in the class.

• Warranty : 1 year return to base • Technology : Infra Red • HD Ready : No • HDCP Support : No • Software : Yes • Attendees Max : 1000 • Product Display : N • Keypad : 12 key (1(A) - 10(J), *, ?) • Auto Focus : No • Bag : No

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