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Activ Expression Response Systems
Activ Expression Response Systems

Even when you can’t hear them, your students have a lot to say. Their opinions and ideas are complex and limiting them to structured yes or no responses can stifle their budding creativity. Promethean’s ActivExpression is the world’s most versatile student response system with full sentence and character texting options, providing students with a range of response types as vast and dynamic as the thoughts they are waiting to convey. Like all of Promethean’s products, ActivExpression was designed by teachers for teachers, with ease of use and flexibility as top considerations. The interface floats over any computer application—web browser, CD, Powerpoint—enabling teachers to use ActivExpression spontaneously, minimizing the need for preparation and making the most of classroom time. Today’s generation of cell phone wielding students are instantly engaged by the device’s mobile phone-like design. But, don’t worry about them getting distracted by their cool new toy - the keys are adaptable so that students can only choose options set by the teacher.

Wirelessly connects to ActivBoard and ActivInspire with no cables or extra drivers needed User-friendly, cell phone-like design makes ActivExpression familiar and easy to use Wonder Wheel ActivExpression interface floats over (and can be used with) any application ActivHub technology enables ActivExpression to speak wirelessly to your computer Voting kits available in sets of 32 12 month warranty.

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